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Print Only Services

Our print only service enables you to upload you CAD file directly to us. We’ll review the information you supply and your uploaded file and provide a quotation to you. We will ask you to provide some basic information but if you don’t know, that is no problem. Simply upload the file and request a call back so that we can talk through your requirements together and recommend the best solution. You can upload a variety of CAD file extensions that are supported by most CAD platforms. We can accept native Solidworks files, IGES, STEP and STL file formats.
At Mackart Additive we believe it’s crucial to understand your needs to ensure we deliver the correct value adding engineering solution. Additive Engineering, Additive Manufacture and 3D Printing are complex subjects and our expertise provides the full solution. We want you to be confident that if at any point in the process we feel we need more information we’ll never make assumptions, we’ll always call to ensure we deliver your expectation.