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Additive Layer Manufacture and 3D Printing using FDM, FFF, CFF, SLA and SL

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Stratasys Fortus 450mc – Ultem 1010 – Ultem 9085 – ABS – ASA – Nylon CF12 – Antero – Kimya


Mechanical Design

Featured Case Study

Mackart Additive and The Manufacturing Technology Centre: The MTC are currently working on a case study in the use of The MTC’s contact and non-contact metrology capability for the dimensional assessment of additively manufactured CFF polymer helical spur gears.
Not only providing empirical production data but also invaluable characteristics of the machine’s accuracy and repeatability identifying compensation factors to complete the design for additive manufacture product development cycle.
The case study is helping Mackart Additive develop better empirical data for design standards and machine best practices for engineered applications.

An invaluable knowledge base to help with the continuous improvement and ongoing development of quality systems. The development of capability to better serve your needs. Continuous Improvement and Learning. We’re excited to see the Case Study published. When it is, we’ll add the link here.

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BS EN 9100:2018 (AS9100) and ISO9001:2015 certifications achieved